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What’s New in the App Development Space?

Technology has now become more accessible in recent years. With a smartphone, you can achieve almost anything digitally possible. Marketplaces are now set on mobile phones, models are developed, and business trends are specified, all with the help of a mobile device.

All this and more is possible through the mobile apps designed for mobile devices. Currently, there are more than 5 million apps on the Google play store, and it only grows bigger every day.

As it grows, the trends are being changed, every day and every second. As it stands, mobile app developers are now focused on improving customer experience, thereby attracting more users. These features are dependent on data analytics to reshape the trends.

Here are some new trends to watch out for in the app development space for 2022 and beyond. It’s safe to say this year is just the foundation for more exciting directions.

Internet of Things (IoT) will become more integrated into everything.

The internet has now become an integral part of people’s lives. We are surrounded by devices that are enabled by the internet. Not just mobile devices, laptops, tablets, home smart gadgets that rely on the internet. The Internet of Things is here to stay.

Currently, worth an estimated $594 billion, the IoT industry is fast becoming infused in mobile apps to increase customer experience. As much as there is a daily increased demand for IoT-enabled intelligent gadgets, mobile apps will see more of this digital solution infused into their very DNA.

Human Behavior Modeling

Also known as predictive analysis, mobile apps are now designed to predict human behavior, including reactions to specific events, a particular mood, and a chain of events. These apps will use this analytic to make suggestions.

A typical example is now seen with Netflix. Netflix uses this modeling to suggest movies and shows based on viewers’ recent viewing habits. This new analysis, although new, maybe the foundation on which different markets will make their suggestions for customers.

There are two particular areas in this modeling that will be most prevalent.

  • User experience improvement. Mobile app developers can predict future actions with the user’s data, and apps will customize services to meet each user’s needs.
  • Businesses will collect feedback from this modeling and use it to channel future upgrades for their business.

The future is only getting more exciting. Businesses and developers can reduce the time for upgrades, and customers get quality services that improve with each upgrade.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming mainstream.

One of the most notable trends to watch out for is Artificial Intelligence (AI), becoming more common than it is currently. Already, giant IT firms are incorporating AI and Machine learning into their apps, all in a bid to improve users’ experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has been in the works in previous years, but with mobile apps like FaceApp and Google Maps that have taken these digital technologies to another level is only evident that we may see more of it.

Machine learning is another instrumental field dedicated to improving the lives of customers. Services like geolocation and detection, enhanced gaming experiences, and unlimited mobile software advancement are the tip of the iceberg.

Integration into Foldable Devices

New technological trends are now returning mobile devices to the age of foldable smartphones, with more features, stylish designs, and improved experiences.

Mobile developers are already building mobile apps that will be compatible with a foldable device and will only better the UI experience of the end-user.


In recent times, security and theft of digital information have been a source of concern for mobile app users. However, integrating the popular blockchain technology, especially with Web 3.0, blockchain solves these concerns with a decentralized database, returning privacy to mobile app users.

This technology is encrypted end-to-end, protecting users’ information from being harvested by big corporations or cybercriminals. It’s only exciting what this technology will offer mobile app users as the future unfolds.

5G expanding

Although 5G is not new in IT, as many tech companies are already 5G-enabled devices, it could become the industry standard, displacing 4G entirely.

More and more mobile apps will only support 5G networks as developers will want to leverage the vast opportunities of this trend to improve customers’ experience when using their app. A significant benefit of how 5G will explode in the technological space is its low latency compared to previous network technologies. It means only one thing: improved connectivity. Mobile apps with a 5G supported framework may become more common in app development sooner than you experience.

Super Multi-Functional Apps

For many years, mobile apps have been designed to serve one purpose at a time. However, new trends show developers are now building apps with multi-functional abilities. Apps with one solution to solve multiple problems are fast taking over the space.

These apps, known as “Super Apps,” are already popular in many locations globally. An interesting instance is the Natural AI, which helps users perform various functions from just one app.

Facebook is another perfect example. From being a social media platform, it’s become an online e-commerce store where people buy and sell goods while still offering social media abilities. The Metaverse is still upcoming and has another purpose on social media platforms.

You will need an Experienced Partner to Help you take advantage of these technologies.

As these technologies are still at the infant level, companies are rushing to integrate them into their products to improve customer experience. Your company can also take an integral position in the emerging market.

With our experienced team at your beck and call, you can become an industry giant, channeling the many opportunities these digital solutions offer to improve the qualities of your products and services. There’s no better time to take advantage and begin the work than today. We are only an appointment away to help you achieve your goals.

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