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Technology Creation

Innovation is at the center of everything we do


We work holistically, impact-oriented, and sprint-based. As a diverse team, we dissolve tunnel vision and address your organization’s challenges. We believe it’s critical to have the courage and freedom to take a holistic view of our tasks. We act in the interests of our clients – even when it means asking tough questions.

We offer clear responsibility and an unconditional team spirit, short decision-making processes, and quick decisions. Sometimes analytical challengers, accessible coaches, pragmatic doers or interim teams – and sometimes all of it together.

We form crews because we know what we don’t know. We always know someone for that – and people who know people.

Our Core Expertise

Custom Development
Evolve your business by building a system that fits your needs. Our solutions are custom developed with an emphasis on quality, scalability and security utilizing the latest tech stacks. The implementation of tailor-made enterprise systems has been our core skill.
Mobile Applications
When delivering applications to your business you might reach a point when a mobile friendly design simply does not cut it and your users demand more. Don’t be constrained by frameworks and go for a custom iOS or Android system.
AI & Machine Learning
Our team’s expertise includes research and implementation of complex models in the areas of NLP and computer vision, using the Python programming language, scikit-learn library, sci-py ecosystem and DL frameworks.
We’ve helped build devices for industries such as healthcare, consumer research, entertainment and more. Let us help you build high-quality IoT products that will change the way people interact with technology.
One tiny graphic element can decide whether the user will enter or leave. Our UI/UX design teams use data to create designs that achieve your goals. Speak to us as a partner to analyze and mock-up your new system regardless of the platform or interface.
Cloud Development
Our experienced team of cloud and infrastructure experts will build a cost-effective IT infrastructure that will actually work for your company. They will analyze existing approaches and guide you towards the best choice – AWS, Azure or Google.

Our Tech Stack

Development Methodology

Our unique methodology offers a framework for producing high-quality, quick, and effective products. It is our unique approach to the contemporary agile or the waterfall method.

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