PLATIT is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Selzach, Switzerland as well as a leading manufacturer of high-tech PVD and PECVD hard coating equipment for tools and machine components with offices in Europe, North America and Asia

  • June 13, 2020


Platit, a leading manufacturer of coating equipment for tools and machine components, encountered stagnant growth. Without the ability to provide sizable investments for new products amid heavy market saturation, they needed a consultant to identify new offerings and strategize growth.


Upon conducting a thorough audit, we uncovered crucial insights that leveraged existing resources and provided pathways to activate new revenue streams. Starting with analysis, we combed the market landscape with respect to the role Platit played and the ways they communicated value.

Next, we implemented business research to intimately know core capabilities and teams. We then conducted rich interviews with existing customers. Opportunistic blindspots were quickly uncovered. We learned that the usage and coating method for each machine was flexible and discovered that customers were willing to expand within the portfolio of Platit. With these key takeaways, we worked with R&D to identify ways to reduce machine complexities to ensure an entry-level option.

Using a predictive model approach, we determined markets with the highest ROI, both in the short- and long-term. Finally, we devised a go-to-market strategy and communication plan to push them to the next level.

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Within the first three months, overall machine sales increased by 25%.

Additionally, two industries already served, healthcare and firearms, required no major modifications to the current manufacturing equipment. Manageable alterations could handle similar volume with the desired product consistency to tap into these new opportunities.

Despite an abundance of competitors preventing increased market share, we identified new areas of growth to broaden their offerings and create impactful solutions.

Armed with a plethora of data and information, we activated and met previously unknown needs of the existing customer-base. We reduced features and functions for existing machine models that retained the Swiss quality and brand recognition, while entering new markets. By taking a holistic approach with deep partnership, we unlocked the organization’s full ability to scale.

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