application modernization

Benefits of Application Modernization

The IT industry is an ever-evolving marketplace, and as changes come out every day, businesses must do their best to stay in touch with modern trends. Companies face some significant challenges. For instance, although they are integrating technological changes, their ICT framework is still dependent on legacy systems. These systems are now failing to meet […]
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mobile app development trends

What’s New in the App Development Space?

Technology has now become more accessible in recent years. With a smartphone, you can achieve almost anything digitally possible. Marketplaces are now set on mobile phones, models are developed, and business trends are specified, all with the help of a mobile device. All this and more is possible through the mobile apps designed for mobile […]
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insource outsource software development

Choosing to insource or outsource software development

Do you staff or outsource software development? The software development industry continues to expand rapidly, with thousands of highly skilled developers and engineers available from all over the world. More than ever, your company has the opportunity to hire a developer with almost any skill set you require. Although staffing your organization with developers gives […]
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custom software development

To Build or Buy? Choosing Custom Software Development

What is custom software development? Custom software development is the method of designing or building software for a specific organization or set of users. Also called tailor-made software or bespoke software, this type of development is an alternative to off-the-shelf software. Custom software is designed to meet specific or defined needs. Examples of custom software […]
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Machine Learning and AI

Diverse industries are investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase their competitive edge and meet rising consumers’ needs. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a constellation of technology and tools that work together to understand, act, and mimic human decision-making for accelerated efficiency. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, uses algorithms to implement […]
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EV&D Named Agency of Record for PhoneEatsFirst

With the end of the pandemic beginning to glimmer on the not-to-far-off horizon, many industries are being totally reimagined. One of these that is top-of-mind for us is the restaurant business. Few business sectors were more battered than the dining industry, which before the pandemic included more than 76,000 eating and drinking establishments employing 1.8 […]
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Insights vs. Data: Using Marketing Analytics for Growth

The Big Idea In the post-pandemic world, being data-driven isn’t enough. Organizations must be insights-driven. Marketing analytics bridge the gap between data and insights to engineer powerful action plans rooted in evolving consumer behavior.  Even if your employees are currently reporting on campaign performance data while measuring ROI, it’s not enough to prevent churn and […]
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With Cookies Going Away, How CX Will Increase Revenue

The Big Idea By 2022, Google will phase out third-party cookies for Chrome, the leading global web browser. These cookies allow companies to track consumers’ actions and behaviors across multiple websites to serve the most relevant, personalized advertising. However, this paradigm shift creates an invaluable opportunity to focus more on the customer experience (CX). By […]
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User Interface Examples That Tap Into Consumer Psychology

The Big Idea    The user interface (UI) allows consumers to interact with your website, app, or digital product to access information and complete tasks. Leveraging common elements of user interface design, you can tap into consumers’ emotions to drive business goals. Without proper design and optimization, you risk frustrating potential customers. In this article, we’ll […]
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