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EV&D Named Agency of Record for PhoneEatsFirst

With the end of the pandemic beginning to glimmer on the not-to-far-off horizon, many industries are being totally reimagined. One of these that is top-of-mind for us is the restaurant business. Few business sectors were more battered than the dining industry, which before the pandemic included more than 76,000 eating and drinking establishments employing 1.8 million people, and has now sustained more than a 25% downturn, according to the California Restaurant Association From small mom-and-pop diners to giant chains, it’s hard to imagine a business that hasn’t felt the impact.

When we were approached by PhoneEatsFirst (PEF), a summer 2021 launching mobile app focused on bridging the gap between restaurants and hungry customers, the connection seemed serendipitous in timing. Because the dining industry is in a state of emergency, we were particularly intrigued by the fresh thinking of this technology that will breathe new life into a decimated industry. PhoneEatsFirst seeks to mitigate the devastating toll COVID-19 has taken on the restaurant industry by combining social networking features, customer reviews, and food discoveries into a single application to create an authentic user experience that is unlike anything else available. Our digital climate right now is begging for transparency and authenticity, and PEF has this very initiative baked into its business model.

One of the unique propositions offered by PEF is its solutions available both for restaurant customers as well as business owners, chefs, and other food professionals. PhoneEatsFirst helps take some of the digital pressure off restaurants that are already stifled under pressure to keep up with operational concerns by offering marketing and social sharing services that will attract and intrigue customers.

“PhoneEatsFirst was created as means to bridge social media and one’s dining experience as a whole,” states Co-founder and CEO of PhoneEatsFirst, John Tsintis. “As a restaurant, a difference of one star in a review can lead to a change in revenue of between 5-9%. With so many larger restaurants getting a bigger piece of the pie on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Instagram because of larger marketing spends, I wanted to create a place where everyone is on a level playing field, and they all are able to interact with their consumers in real-time.”

We are inspired by these overarching goals and chose to partner with the budding app as Agency of Record. After all, what we share with PEF is a mission to simplify and disrupt to bring forth human connections. After all, our own mission is Simplifying Complex Change. We will be putting that into practice as we help craft a hyper-personal experience for the end-user, a critical facet of customer acquisition. Plans for scaling the app include comprehensive marketing strategy and automation, user mapping, data infrastructure, and other services. Our firm’s global experience and celebrated agility promises to shepherd restaurants and consumers to a more integrated, lucrative and genuine experience.

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