Insights vs. Data: Using Marketing Analytics for Growth

The Big Idea In the post-pandemic world, being data-driven isn’t enough. Organizations must be insights-driven. Marketing analytics bridge the gap between data and insights to engineer powerful action plans rooted in evolving consumer behavior.  Even if your employees are currently reporting on campaign performance data while measuring ROI, it’s not enough to prevent churn and […]
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User Interface Examples That Tap Into Consumer Psychology

The Big Idea    The user interface (UI) allows consumers to interact with your website, app, or digital product to access information and complete tasks. Leveraging common elements of user interface design, you can tap into consumers’ emotions to drive business goals. Without proper design and optimization, you risk frustrating potential customers. In this article, we’ll […]
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UX – An Introduction to User Testing

The user experience is basically how a human user experiences and interacts with a system, application, or service. It consists of a person’s impressions of ease of use, utility, and productivity. Usability testing refers to the evaluation of how users interact with and enjoy using a specific system, application or service. It is a combination […]
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