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mobile app development trends

What’s New in the App Development Space?

Technology has now become more accessible in recent years. With a smartphone, you can achieve almost anything digitally possible. Marketplaces are now set on mobile phones, models are developed, and business trends are specified, all with the help of a mobile device. All this and more is possible through the mobile apps designed for mobile […]
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Machine Learning and AI

Diverse industries are investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase their competitive edge and meet rising consumers’ needs. Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a constellation of technology and tools that work together to understand, act, and mimic human decision-making for accelerated efficiency. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, uses algorithms to implement […]
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EV&D Named Agency of Record for PhoneEatsFirst

With the end of the pandemic beginning to glimmer on the not-to-far-off horizon, many industries are being totally reimagined. One of these that is top-of-mind for us is the restaurant business. Few business sectors were more battered than the dining industry, which before the pandemic included more than 76,000 eating and drinking establishments employing 1.8 […]
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With Cookies Going Away, How CX Will Increase Revenue

The Big Idea By 2022, Google will phase out third-party cookies for Chrome, the leading global web browser. These cookies allow companies to track consumers’ actions and behaviors across multiple websites to serve the most relevant, personalized advertising. However, this paradigm shift creates an invaluable opportunity to focus more on the customer experience (CX). By […]
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UX – An Introduction to User Testing

The user experience is basically how a human user experiences and interacts with a system, application, or service. It consists of a person’s impressions of ease of use, utility, and productivity. Usability testing refers to the evaluation of how users interact with and enjoy using a specific system, application or service. It is a combination […]
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