Simplifying complex change,
igniting transformation.

EV&D Solutions was forged from the knowledge that meaningful change requires vision, but sometimes vision alone just isn’t enough. True transformation requires grit. Certainly hard work. Tenacity no matter what.

Our full-service consulting firm provides customized guidance when your organization is ready to take your vision and level up. Perhaps you’ve completed the concepting stage but lack the execution needed to reveal your product to the world. On the other hand, maybe your product is developed, but it’s been met with challenges or tepid reception. Our experts have a knack for taking a seed and nurturing it, no matter what stage of growth it’s in.

Strategy & Consulting

Clients from around the world seeking to innovate their business’s destiny and harness the true power of their existing infrastructure come to us. To make this a reality, EV&D conducts a thorough audit of practices and successfully identifies areas of opportunity, bridging the gap between what is and what could be.

Our objective is to gain consensus between our team and yours and ensure we are aligned through the duration of our partnership. To begin, we’ll take a high-level stock of your business analytics and intelligence and reveal what could be improved or eliminated.

Areas of practice:
Brand Identity & Design, Interactive Storytelling, Creative Direction

Technology Creation

What makes us unique is that we don’t just partner with you for research, market, and design environments for your product, we can also help create the product. Whether you’re using EV&D to stimulate growth, or relying on us entirely for tech-enabled transformation, you can trust that your vision will be executed from beginning to end. Because we are a full-service firm, we have vetted technology teams that single-focus entities simply won’t be able to offer.

In addition to development, our team of experts also conducts quality/code testing and security audits. This is critically important to mitigating risk and ensuring your end user experience is rock-solid.

Areas of practice:
Technology, Machine Learning, AI, Development, Block Chain, IoT, Transformation, Cloud Computing

Interactive Development

EV&D’s interactive suite of services moves your product, concept, or service through to full-cycle completion by offering consumer-facing marketing and advertising. Beat the competition to market with activation solutions and brand mapping that help you resonate with and influence your target markets.

With our intuitive eye for design and keen ears for brand voice, together we offer decades of experience in the traditional and digital advertising space. Our objective is to help organizations move from simply selling something to reinventing themselves as a brand, while thriving in today’s competitive and often ambiguous consumer marketplace.

Areas of practice:
Brand Identity & Design, Interactive Storytelling, Creative Direction

Customer Experience

You may have the most brilliant product to hit the market, but if your target market is not properly introduced, your value proposition might become buried or lost.

Investment in customer and user experience is proven to have exponential return but choosing where and how to begin your CX and UX journey can be tricky. Our consultancy shepherds you to the areas where you’ll get the most return on investment and start seeing a transformation in the way your audience interacts with your product.

The Temkin Group found that companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience.

Areas of practice:
Competitors Analysis, Users Research, User Persona Definition, Data Analysis, User Journey Map, Concept Design, E-Commerce and Loyalty
Design for Web, Design for Mobile, Motion Design, Video Production
Data analysis:
Usability testing, Performance optimization, Complex analytics and KPI development

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